SMASHED at Freddy’s Bar

On November 14, 2013 SMASHED will receive it’s official bar premiere, at Freddy’s Bar in Brooklyn. When I began writing the opera I always conceived it from the perspective of being performed in a bar. It was after all written for Opera on Tap. Hard to put into words how exciting this is to all of us. We have an amazing cast, the same as the HERE Arts Center premiere.

Pre-Show Press
-From “Of all the things you’ve seen in a bar, we’re guessing seeing an opera hasn’t been one of them. But if in the past you’ve been inclined to think that beer goggles and opera glasses are mutually exclusive, think again…”
-Freddy’s Bar press release, including an awesome video that Freddy’s owner, Donald O’Finn put together!

To learn more about the show at Freddy’s Bar click here. It includes video and pictures from the performance.
Here is the trailer we made from the Freddy’s Bar video footage.