Interview with Jams for Man Podcast

I recently sat down with Andy Keiler from the Jams for Man podcast to chat about becoming a classical music composer. The podcast is an amazing document of the punk rock music scene in Northern Virginia suburbs where I cut my teeth making music as a teenager. Thanks to Andy for letting me share some old porch stories.  

You can listen to the podcast HERE: Episode #47 with James Barry.

James Barry started as a metalhead guitar shredder in Reston and became a world-renowned composer in New York, but views it all as music that comes from the same place. He should know, he has a PhD in composition and produced contemporary music concerts in New York City as artistic and managing director of Forecast Music for five seasons. Recently, he has been composing and producing experimental opera with inspiration ranging from Carrie Nation to Colonel Sanders. This is a long way from the Reston hardcore scene of the late 80s with the band Militia and the Tampa metal scene of the 90s with Buckethead; but as long as it gets the crowd reacting in a visceral way, he has accomplished his goal.