September 8, 2014


The Little Garden an opera short [10-minutes]
» ABOUT: Based on an excerpt from the The Diary of a Lost Girl (1905) by Margarete Böhme — a prostitute finds herself in an unusual position — negotiating with an old, worn out aristocrat.
» CAST: Mezzo Soprano & Baritone, with piano.

SMASHED: The Carrie Nation Story an opera in one act [45-minutes]
» ABOUT: To drink or not to drink? That IS the question. Giving a new spin to the strong leading lady, SMASHED is a beer-soaked, absurdly comic opera loosely based on the hatchet-wielding temperance leader Carrie Nation.
» CAST: Dramatic Soprano, Bass Baritone, Narrator, Choir 1-SSA, Choir 2-STB, with piano; or Quartet: Electric Guitar, Double Bass, Perc./Drum Set & Piano; or Sextet: Violin, Cello, Double Bass, Electric Guitar, Percussion/Drum Set & Piano.

SUCKER an opera in one act [40-minutes]
» ABOUT: Mr. Prestridge, an aging record store manager, finds out his best friend had an affair with his wife, whom he is now marrying. Struck down by the terrible news, he begins a slow, downward spiral.
» CAST: Coloratura Soprano, Soprano, Lyric tenor, Baritone, Bass & Narrator with piano