September 8, 2014

EROS & PSYCHE incidental & dance music

Over 10-minutes of incidental and dance music was composed for the 2014 production of EROS & PSYCHE, a comedy by Donna Spector, directed and choreographed by Shela Xoregos. More information about the music and play can be found in my post about it here.

Musical Excerpts from EROS & PSYCHE (Flushing Library Theater – Queens, NY)

Photos from opening night: Central Park, Diana Ross Playground Lawn

EROS & PSYCHE, a comedy by Donna Spector
Directed and choreographed by Shela Xoregos
Stage Manager: Shawn Lockaton
Ass’t Stage Manager: Faheem Jackson
2nd Ass’t Stage Manager: Caitlin Morrison
Costumes: Regina Cate
Lighting: Don Cate
Properties: Nina Paradiz
Costume Ass’t: Bong Dizon
Original music score by James Barry

FEATURING: Christiana Rebecca Blain, Laurie Avant, Andrew R. Cooksey, Stephanie Willing, Sophia Reppert, Amanda Rodhe, Oksana Trofimenko, Will Cooper and Kurt Roediger.