September 8, 2014

CRUSH for flute & marimba

CRUSH (2005) is a four-movement work for flute and marimba, commissioned by Christina Guenther and premiered by the Guenther/Davis Duo at the 2006 Florida Flute Fair. The first movement, Collapse, opens with a piercing, high A in the flute, and proceeds to drive forward relentlessly, until the music runs out of steam. Lacking, the second movement, by contrast, is simple, meditative, slow, featuring difficult, but subtle single note tremolos in the marimba. Resign, a fast, furious, repetitive tour de force displays virtuosic flutter tongue and key slaps figures in the flute. The piece ends with Satiate, music lighter in character, perhaps in the spirit of a gentle, spring rain which both instruments so naturally evoke.

I. Collapse
II. Lacking
III. Resign
IV. Satiate (rev. 2011)

Guenther/Davis Duo (premiere) | January 28, 2006   | Florida Flute Fair, Orlando, FL
Christina Guenther & Scott Harris | September 7, 2006  | Stephan F. Austin University
Christina Guenther & Scott Harris | September 16, 2006 | 49th College Music Society National Conference, San Antonio, TX
Christina Guenther & Scott Harris | March 25, 2008 | Stephan F. Austin University
Christina Guenther & Scott Harris | June 23, 2008 | SFA Percussion Camp