September 8, 2014

SUCKER a chamber opera

Albert Prestridge, an aging, trusting, depressed, lonely divorcee, employed as a record store manager and night time paper delivery driver is a very unhappy man. The dark, overly dramatic, and slightly comical story begins at an engagement party for Bert’s ex-wife and best friend. As events unfold through the introduction of a colorful cast of characters, we come to find out Mr. Prestridge’s best friend had an affair with his wife, whom he is now marrying. An acquaintance bravely comes forward and confess this horrific betrayal hidden by his friends. Struck down by the terrible news, Bert begins a slow downward spiral, falling deeper and deeper into depression until he is no longer able to cope.

Albert Prestridge (Bert): Recently divorced.
Jessica: Berts’s ex-wife, now married to Ron.
Ron: Bert’s best friend, now married to Jessica.
Heather: Bert’s friend.
Al: Friend of Bert, John and Jessica.

Scene 2: Bert’s Lament

Scene 8: You are a Loser

Scene 1: You and I

Scene 9: Fall Asleep

Scene 2: Too Much P.D.A.

Scene 7: Remember Me

December 12, 2009 | staged reading by Opera On Tap | American Opera Projects: Opera Grows in Brooklyn |
Galapagos Art Space, Brooklyn, NY

Amberleigh Aller, Seth Gilman, Sean Miller, Zack Rabin, Anne Ricci, Amanda Villegas
Kathleen Stakenas
Christopher Berg
Anne Ricci