HUSTLE for String Quartet

Back in 2010 I wrote a string orchestra piece, HUSTLE, for the Brandon High School Orchestra’s 45th anniversary and their awesome music director Don Langland. Early this past summer it dawned on me, that with a little tinkering here and there, an arrangement for string quartet might be pretty cool. As luck would have it, just as I finished up, Anti-Social Music was looking for music for their works in progress backyard concert. Here’s a video excerpt from that warm and at times windy, sunny June 29th in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn that featured a fabulous program (see below), wonderful performances, cool people, and lots of food and beer. Oh, and a jackfruit.

ANTI-SOCIAL MUSIC presents Works in Progress Free For All Potluck BBQ
Max Duykers: “Perch”
James Barry: HUSTLE
Barry Seroff: flute etudes
Alla Zagaykevych: Voice/Way
Performed by Jean Cook, Jeanann Dara, Pat Muchmore, Paul Pinto, Barry Seroff, Dave Ruder,
Christa Van Alstine, and Jeff Young.